UPSC Civil Services Prelims (CSAT) 2012 Official Answer Key Published By UPSC

  • tarini

    Another course that i have been studying from, is for me atleast better than any books… I would recommend these to all the aspirants… You can have a look at this ias csat preparation course

  • chintan

    what about cut off of prilims 2012?

  • rp

    yes of 2012 pls!!!

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  • Guys check UPSC 2013 Prelims answer key given by upsc4all.

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  • Anonymous

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  • ABC

    Hello Insights sir,
    For Mains 2013, what is the no of question to time distribution. That is say in Paper-1 how many questions will be there and the time given to attempt it. Please let me know for all the papers.

    Another thing, I liked this website very much. It is of great help. Just a request cum feedback, are there any plans for some section related to CSAT questions. If there is any other site, please let me know.


  • MSD

    hello sir,

    thanks for providing cut off.. willl u pls clarify what are the Ph I PH II and PH III as i am confused. i belong to PH – Hearing ..