UPSC Civil Services Examination New Pattern For Mains – Syllabus 2013

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See : Strategy For Mains Exam

 Cut-off Marks of UPSC Mains+Interview 2012


(It means, a guy who scored more than 936 in Mains+Interview got a rank in the final list in the General category)

For Prelims Cut-OffClick Here

Main Examination – NEW PATTERN


The written examination will consist of the following papers:
Qualifying Papers:
Paper‐ A
(One of the Indian Language to be selected by the
candidate from the Languages included in the Eighth
Schedule to the Constitution). 300 Marks

Paper‐ B

English 300 Marks

Papers to be counted for merit


Essay  250 Marks 


General Studies–I 250Marks
(Indian Heritage and Culture,
History and Geography of the World
and Society)

General Studies –II 250 Marks
(Governance, Constitution,
Polity, Social Justice and
International relations)

General Studies –III 250 Marks
(Technology, Economic Development,
Bio-diversity, Environment, Security
and Disaster Management)

General Studies –IV 250 Marks
(Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude FOR BOOK)


Optional Subject –

Candidates can choose only one optional instead of two, and there will be two papers from a single optional (Paper VI and Paper VII); Also only students who have graduated with language as a major subject can chose that language  literature as their optional. i.e., people with BE, MBBS or B.Sc., BA (History) can not opt for English/Kannada/Tamil/Telugu or any other language as their optional for mains)

Optional Subject – Paper 1 250 Marks


Optional Subject – Paper 2 250 Marks

Sub Total (Written test) 1750 Marks

Personality Test 275 Marks.

Grand Total 2025 Marks

To Download Official UPSC Notification Regarding Changes to Mains exam CLICK HERE

Must Read Books For New Pattern:

1) Shorter Constitution Of India (Set of 2 Volumes) 14th Editon Edition – D.D.Basu (this is purely for Reference purpose – Very good book – if you have extra money)

2) India 2013 – Publication Division, Govt. of India 

3) Economic Survey 2012-2013

4) India Since Independence – Bipan Chandra

5) Ideology And Politics in Modern India

6) India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra


A Brief History of Modern India – Spectrum Publications

7)Indian Economy : For Civil Services Examinations 5th Edition (2013) – Ramesh Singh

8) Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations 4th Edition – Laxmikanth

9) Geography of India- Majid Hussain

10) Ethics In Governance OR To Download Free E-Book Click here

11) India After Gandhi : The History of the World’s Largest Democracy Democracy – Ramachandra Guha

12) Mastering Modern World History – New Edition – Norman Lowe

Or Buy this Imported Vesrion updated with in-depth chapters on Arab Spring and 2008 Financial Crisis: Mastering Modern World History -5th Edition, Norman Lowe

13) Facts of Indian Culture – Spectrum Publications


Trends in Indian Culture and Heritage: For Civil Services

Or this book from Government of India: The Gazetteer of India: History and Culture Vol II

14) Select Constitutions: 16th Edition – S Chand

15) India’s Foreign Policy – Muchkund Dubey

16) Challenge And Strategy : Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy – Rajiv Sikri

17) History of the World from the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty First Century – Arjun Dev (Optional)

18) Social Problems in India 2 Edition – Ram Ahuja

19) Politics and Ethics of the Indian Constitution – Review

20) Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design – PRATAP BHANU MEHTA

Other Books Civil Services Aspirants Must Read (DURING LEISURE):

1) The Wonder That Was India- A.L.Basham

2) India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age – Gurcharan Das

3) Pax Indica: India and the World of the 21st Century – Shashi Tharoor (Pre-order 30% off )

4) An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions – Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze

5) The Argumentative Indian : Writings on Indian History – Amartya Sen

For More Details:

For Detailed Syllabus CLICK HERE

Civil Services Examination Notification 2013 containing Detailed Syllabus as notified by UPSC

  • MagyKars

    But, some people might be preparing for more than a year or two, keeping them in mind do you think UPSC will eliminate optionals right from this year only?? I am very worried about this, I wish the optionals are removed this year itself.

    • Ya it will be good if they introduce changes without any further delay. It will be level playing field for every aspirant.

  • Anonymous

    the changed syllabus looks interesting! thnx 4 sharing it.but i was wondering where will they fit in international relations and foreign affairs in d new scheme….

  • chandra


  • Anonymous

    this is not even close to what Nigvekar Committee recommends….if there is prelims with objective type questions then why they’ll keep same in mains? & where is GS paper 2 contents of previous syllabus? India & world etc things?
    I feel mains will be wholy descriptive



  • Harish kumar

    by reducing the optionals from 2 to 1 has reduced a lot of burden that we can concentrate lot on the 4 G.S papers …. the 4th G.S paper syllabus seems really interesting …n thanks for the the new pattern 🙂

  • Amit kadam

    well change,but there is need of regional language because officer want to work in regional level except I.F.S.

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    it is a huze changes i am so happy thanks………….


    well helpfull thanks for introducing theise

  • shri prakash dubey

    all is well..

  • visolo

    the new changed syllabus is a wise step in selecting the right candidate.i wish english paper was included in the ranking marks.

  • m.manikandan

    My aim is ips

  • rabi

    the new changes have taken down the burden from us that make us enable to concentrate more only on one optional subject, thank! thanks a Lot!!!!!!!

  • keshav kale

    i m confuse in paper 1st. pls expain dat.

  • Anonymous

    but why neg3etive morking.

  • Ranvir

    I will try

  • anil chowdary

    Its good….but i ve one doubt about optionals basically i am ECE student whch subject i ve to take”is my optional belongs to ECE or our wish to choose?”

  • Thanks for simplified details. I have started studying for next year exam though . I am following jagran josh & …any advice on study material ?

  • rahul

    Thanx you a lot for this sharing and UPSC forum as it would eradicate a lot of burden and complicatîon for CSE future aspirants now it for the time being the pupil who ought to crack this very prestigious examination (including I), would have to focus on a single subject for optional there will nothing be left behind the scene.
    I here welcomes all the future and past CSE aspirants to share and discuss data relating to this prestigious exam. be free to share as ”nothing is for free” so help me out of it and leave your queries if you had any i will try my best to sort it out.
    introducing myself
    NAME:Rahul MAIL ID: [email protected]
    Wish you all the best with best of your industrious work done smartly……..

  • Latest information and best material to prepare for upsc exams

  • devika

    nice syllabus…but we have to work more…..

  • kiran

    this gud to hear

  • Anonymous

    new pattern it;s really to gud

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  • mobia hangu

    notify me of new post via mail

  • surajit saha

    yes now the champions ,real social changer will have to be selected.

  • kushwanth

    competetive syllabus for the coming year….hmmm we can get it….by working hard

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  • Rashi Thakur

    thank you for the above imformation.this was really helpful.
    can someone guide me fo general studies for IAS preparation in hindi as i am from science stream ,so don’t have much knowlegde about hindi literature and grammer.i found this link during my online search. ….are these courses useful??? should i spend my money on online courses??? or any better alternative is there?????kindly guide me about them..

  • ganesh jejure

    not understand me upsc mains syllabus plz help.

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  • anup

    please send me BOOK LIST FOR PUBLIC ADMISTRATION as a optionnal subject for Mains on e mail. Thank you

  • Madhu

    It gives the exact informations about civil exams..very useful for everyone..

  • easwari

    i am a ece student and if i choose the B.A english literature for optional subject ,i have must 50%in B.A english

    • I didn’t get your question. Do you want to take English literature as an optional for Mains?

      If yes, then all you require is any recognized degree in any discipline. No cutoff percentage. You just need to pass degree exam.

  • anupama

    sir plz reply me
    can student apply for ias exam

  • mayur99

    sir please send me BOOK LIST for HISTORY MAINS on email Thank you

  • sagar

    Sir,any possibility that UPSC migh remove lit language(s) from cse 2014 ? or may implement restriction like mandatory graduation in literature?

    • Nobody knows it for sure if UPSC removes languages or not.
      But most likely it will retain the present pattern as there is no news of new committee being formed to look into further reforms of exam pattern.


    sir,heard from a coaching institute that there may be removal of optional subjects on next year cse-2014…whats the matter…??…

    • Only UPSC knows. Don’t believe anyone until it’s officially out. Till then prepare for all subjects.

  • sowmya

    what are the books to be referred for Hindi in mains for qualifying upsc.. i couldnt find any related books for this paper.

    • There are no specified books for the qualifying papers. Refer the previous year papers, you will get a clear picture on what is expected.
      The qualifying paper checks only your basics (of 10th std level) and your language proficiency. You will be able to clear it.
      Attempt all the questions!

  • Bhargav

    Gud awesome

  • Gobind Kumar Hembram

    Which NCERT books to study for Prelims?Subject and Class?

  • ravi

    Can any1 help me with ethics in governance .. I am unable to download free ebook ?

  • Rajarshi

    Can anyone pls send me the e-book on ethics. Couldn’t download it.My email is [email protected] in advance

  • shamayal raza


    I have a weird confusion about the number of attempts that I have because of my DOB. My DOB is 01/08/1988 and I have already given an attempt in 2011.
    As we know that UPSC calculates age based on the 1st August of every year. How many attempts do I have left based on my DOB?
    Other confusion is about the age limit, is it 30 or 32 and the number of attempts,are they 4 or 6?


    Its amazing post. New pattern of UPSC is very confusing blog often and I truly appreciate your
    content. The article has truly peaked my interest. I’m going to take a note of
    your website and keep checking for new details about once a week. in IB World Academy