• 1. Great…! Its nice to see the way center makes a draft. Not very different from the presentation we make..:)
    2. And its signed by Jairam Ramesh… already started working..! It seems he was already well versed with Rural because of his sting while drafting NREGA. Salute..
    3. Its signed by him yesterday only. Where did you find this? How did you get hold of it?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this.

  • Hi Nikhil,

    I found this on pib.nic.in and also rural.nic.in

    Thank you


  • Thanks Vinay.
    One off-the-track question. Do you find these sites and sites of many ministries by and large regularly updated?

  • Nikhil,

    Except for one or two, these websites are archaic, and reflect the personalities of respective ministers – slow and not updated.

    Jairam Ramesh had revamped Environment ministry website, and now the RD site. He is the only guy who is proactive, unlike Kapil SIbal, he speaks through his actions.

  • kuruvilla

    Usually the enhanced compensation awarded by courts is received by the dispossessed after more than 10 years. By then the value of land acquired would have increased several fold and the claimant would have died. Had the full value been received at the time of dispossession, it would have fetched cumulative returns even from bank deposits. Specific provisions may therefore be incorporated in the Proposed Bill, compensating for such delay and for bringing clarity to the mode of computation of compensation.
    Therefore :
    In Section 43 (2) of the draft Bill –
    After the words – “award an amount calculated”- the words – “on yearly capitalised cumulative basis” shall be inserted.

    In Section 43 (3) of the draft Bill –
    After the words – “of the land as above provided” – the words and figures – “including Section 43(2)” shall be inserted.

    In Sections 46 and 53 of the draft Bill –
    Before the word – “interest”- the words “yearly compounded” shall be inserted wherever applicable.
    After section 74 of the draft Bill, the following section shall be inserted, namely:—

    75. Where a reference under Section 18 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 or an Execution Petition thereon, is pending at any stage or an award under Section 26 thereon remains unsettled at any stage under the Act, on the date of commencement of the NATIONAL LAND ACQUISITION AND REHABILITATION & RESETTLEMENT BILL, 2011, then the amount of compensation payable to the entitled person shall be determined on the basis of the provisions of the draft Bill.”.

    Explanation. – In computing compensation payable under this sub-section, Sections 23(1), 23(1-A), 23(2), 28 & 34 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 shall be substituted respectively by Sections 43(1), 43(2), 43(3) , 46 & 53 of the NATIONAL LAND ACQUISITION AND REHABILITATION & RESETTLEMENT BILL, 2011.