Mission Chandrayaan-I of India Confirms Presence of Water On the Moon – A breakthrough!!!

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For all those doubting Thomases regarding India’s prowess in space exploration here is a news to digest.

A paper to be published in Science on coming Friday has revealed that the Moon contains abundant amount of water near its poles – and this is confirmed after the detailed analyses of data sent by India’s Chandrayaan-I mission.

The mission came to an abrupt end this year after nearly a year’s exploration of Moon surface. Many thought that the mission was futile, but by answering an eternal “question” regarding the presence of water on the Moon  the mission has achieved a major success.

For Indians this is a moment of joy. I am extremely proud of those scientists involved in the mission – in spite of paltry salaries they get from the government they have taken India forward technologically and scientifically. This should inspire our government to fund research in science and technology adequately.

I just read this report in Washington Post and I am thrilled very much.

Let’s hope Chandrayaan-II brings more joy.

  • MAYA

    brother its good information about Chandrayaan
    i will be very greatful to indian scientists

    • Hi Maya

      U must be proud of this achievement and try to be part of this in future.

      Try n u will be there too………

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